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HIKO hub is a co-working precinct in the heart of the University of Waikato’s Hamilton Campus.

Whether you’re looking for a hot desk, dedicated desks, private offices or meeting rooms, you and your team will love the work environment at HIKO hub.

Drop In Hot Desk

Whether you’re in town for a day, a week or just want to try us on for size before committing to something longer-term, you can nab a desk in our co-working zone for $30/day or $120/week. Just bring your laptop and you’re good to go!

Flexible Hot Desk Plans

The perfect solution if you work from home (WFH) but want to mix it up and join other humans in the flesh for 2-3 days every week. This is also a great option for out-of-towners wanting a space in the Tron to call home on a regular basis. Quality coffee and excellent stairwell banter guaranteed. You’ll be part of the hub tribe in no time. Minimum commitment period of 3 months.

Dedicated Desks for Individuals or Teams

Great for individuals or teams of up to 8 who are keen to try a more collaborative style of working. We’ll kit you out with a space that’s yours for the longer term with clever privacy and acoustic solutions to help you stay focused and connected as a team. You’ll have oodles of meeting rooms at your disposal, secure storage, printing services and 24/7 building access.

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Private Offices

We have a limited number of private offices ranging from 36-70 sqm that can accommodate up to 14 people. Great for those that want extra security and more control over how they configure their space. Our private office tenants are fully-fledged members of the HIKO community and make use of all shared amenities – they just retreat sometimes, behind frosted glass walls. And we’re cool with that.

Hire a Meeting Room

Available to hire as a meeting room in the hub on a one-off or regular basis. More details coming soon!

HIKO hub is a co-working community in the heart of the University of Waikato’s Hamilton Campus.

It embraces a fresh, new way of working, providing modern spaces for small businesses in a variety of configurations connected to a rich University ecosystem brimming with smart young people and researchers quietly making the world a better place.

With flexible lease terms, 24/7 building access, support on-tap and all operational expenses taken care of, HIKO hub lets you focus on the important stuff – running your business – without the niggly bits.

But Different

HIKO hub is designed with collaboration in mind —  kitchen facilities, social spaces and meeting rooms are shared which keeps costs down for everyone and brings people together in myriad ways, every day.

With The Pā now open, new eateries up and running and the Ruakura Superhub just across the road, campus is positively buzzing. Join us and plug into a ready-made community doing purposeful mahi with the most enviable break-out spaces in town.


Find answers to common questions about HIKO hub.


  • What types of businesses are best suited to HIKO hub?

    We’re not exclusive – we welcome all sorts! However, there’s certainly some businesses more suited to our spaces than others. It’s a great place for those in the business of innovating, doing good things for our planet and communities and of course those who are curious about working with our researchers and/or students. It’s probably not the place for those that deliver frontline social or health services though. If you’re unsure, drop us a line!

    At present, we’re home to teams of project managers, cyber security experts, IT consultants, software developers, financial advisers and freelancers from a range of industries like marketing, HR and financial services.

  • Is there a reception or mail service within the Hub and how does this work?

    The HIKO hub does not have a physical reception space, but the HIKO hub operations manager’s office is located near the entrance. There’s also a digital kiosk at the Hub entrance that short-term tenants and visitors will use to check in, find info and even book a meeting room. Any deliveries will go to the HIKO hub operations manager’s office – they will also be able to send mail on your behalf.

  • Are there any limits or rules about who I can bring to the Hub and what spaces I can entertain them in?

    We’re a space wired for connection and collaboration and we absolutely want you to bring guests for a look-see and be proud of your workplace.

    That said, we do need our tenants to take extra care when it comes to respecting the privacy of others, especially in the shared work areas. So yeah, be sure to find meeting space for conversations with guests and keep the HIKO hub operations manager in the loop if you’re keen to give your guests the guided tour so to speak.

    If it’s just a pow wow over coffee though, feel free to host your guests in our hospitality area upstairs. That’s what we’ve designed it for!

  • Who do I call when say the coffee machine is on the blink, I get locked out in the weekend or I accidentally jam the printer?

    The HIKO hub operations manager is your first point of call. If some reason they’re not around, there’s an easy process via our online portal that will connect you with the support you need within the University. We have security onsite 24/7 who will always be available to provide assistance. 

  • What is the process for finding and hiring students to work with me in my business?

    The HIKO hub operations manager is your go-to. They’ll connect you with the right people in the right teams within the University. There’s a few different options when it comes to working with students and they don’t all require a semester-long commitment.

  • What about research? How does the HIKO hub and/or University help me make these connections and what can I expect?

    Chat to the HIKO hub operations manager in the first instance. There’s a dedicated team in the University that will support you to make these connections. There’s also a raft of other opportunities you might be able to tap into, to generally keep abreast of research trends in your industry.

  • I currently WFH but really miss the social side of a busy workplace. How do all of the different members of the hub come together – are there regular events or networking opportunities?

    Absolutely – networking is our reason for being! You’ll be connected digitally to other tenants in the Hub via our online portal and there will be events throughout year, bringing people together in-person. Teams within the University will also be extending invites to Hub tenants for a range of events throughout the year. Of course tenants can also hire spaces within and beyond the Hub for their own events too. Hosting is something we really enjoy!


  • Exactly what University facilities can I use as a HIKO hub tenant?

    We want you to feel at home on our campus and get full use out of the many facilities on offer. The Hub itself will have a barista quality coffee machine available for free, chilled water and a relaxing lounge. Beyond the Hub, there are opportunities aplenty! An onsite gym, outdoor swimming pool, art gallery, childcare facility, pharmacy, bookstore, tech store and superette – the list goes on…and on.  

  • How can I be sure a meeting room will be available whenever I need it?

    We have you covered! Within the Hub itself, there are 6 meeting rooms, a boardroom and 8 breakout spaces. Only Hub occupants can book these and there are limits on the frequency and duration of bookings, all of which are done through our online portal. On the off-chance they’re all full when you need one, we’ll find a space for you in one of the buildings close by, like the Waikato Management School.

  • Will I have enough peace and privacy to do my work in the open work spaces?

    Acoustically, we’ve done a bunch of clever things to keep the noise levels at bay. In addition to bookable rooms, we’ve also got oodles of breakout spaces designed for quiet and focused work. We’re confident we’ve got this nailed but will be monitoring the situation closely and modifying the environment where we need to.

  • Where can I store and heat my lunch?

    There’s a fully equipped, brand new kitchen upstairs that you’re welcome to use. There’s also a large kitchen downstairs with oodles of fridge space and microwaves for lunches.

  • How are general housekeeping rules policed throughout the Hub?

    We require all new tenants and visitors to do our induction where we run through housekeeping expectations, particularly around cleanliness, clutter and noise. There are handy reminders within our app, around the shared spaces and the HIKO hub operations manager is onsite most of the time to keep a watchful eye.

    It’s important to note we’re unashamedly clutter-averse, particularly in the open work spaces. Tenants are strongly advised to take home private and valuable items and make good use of our breakout spaces and meeting rooms for those rather animated conversations and online meetings. 

  • I love the idea of going for a jog, playing squash or using the gym at lunchtime. Is there a shower I can use though?

    Yes, we’ve got you covered on that front too. The HIKO Hub has a shower facility on the top floor.


  • I have some chunky gear that’s really important to my work. What are my options for bringing and storing it in the office?

    It really depends on what sort of office space you are considering. Within our private offices, there’s lots of flexibility in terms of storage. In our open plan spaces, not so much, but give us a call and we’ll see what we can sort out.

  • How do I keep my stuff safe when I’m not in the office?

    If you’re in a private office, your gear is behind swipe access so you’re sorted. If you’re in one of our open plan spaces, you’ll be behind swipe access only outside of core working hours (8:30am – 5:00pm). These tenants are urged not leave items of value when they leave the office.


  • If I want to ride my bike to work, where can I store it and will it be safe?

    Hooray!  We’re big on biking to work. Just outside the Hub there’s an open bike stand where you can lock your bike. We also have secure bike storage on campus not too far away (between G and R blocks to be precise) and two e-bike chargers near the main campus bus stop. We also have a shower in the Hub if you ever need it!   

  • Can I charge my EV on campus?

    Absolutely. We’ve got a bunch of EV charging stations on campus.  Most of them are down in the Gate 1 carpark (off Knighton Road) where the branded University cars are parked. There are also four by the Unirec centre, one directly outside the Pā and two outside Property Services.

  • Where will my visitors park?

    We have clearly marked car parks for HIKO Hub visitors directly outside the main entrance. You can book them on our online portal but note there is a small charge.


  • I would like to know more about Wi-Fi services at HIKO hub?

    At HIKO hub, we offer complimentary high-speed and robust Wi-Fi services within our building and across the entire campus. Whether you’re in the office or at one of our other buildings, you’ll stay seamlessly connected. If your IT requirements are more specialised, our team is here to assist. We will work with you to explore alternatives that meet your unique needs. Visit HIKO hub today and experience connectivity like never before!


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